Honeymoon Survival Kit #2

I made a Honeymoon Survival Kit in the past for a good friend of mine. I was recently invited to a bridal shower and decided to make another Honeymoon Survival Kit for her gift. I wanted to reserve the rest of our budget for the wedding day.
I got to put my Cricut to work and cut out some tags for each item in the brides favorite color. Some of the items I attached together. Then, I tied or taped the tags on with ribbon.
1. Mike & Ike candies – A tropical flavored snack for the long plane ride.
2. Sunscreen – To keep your skin protected from the sun.
3. Scope & breath mints – To keep your breath minty fresh for each other.
4. Kleenex – To wipe away any tears if the moment catches you off guard.
5. First Aid Kit – Just in case.
6. Chapstick – To keep your lips moist and protected from the sun.
7. Advil – To help with any aches and pains, especially after a night of drinking.
8. Wet Wipes & hand sanitizer – As teachers we understand how quickly germs can spread.
9. Nail polish & nail files – Because a girl must always have nice looking nails on her honeymoon.
10. Sudoku book – To keep you entertained on your long flight.
11. Bottle opener – Because you never know when you may need to open a bottle of wine.

12. Booze (sample bottles – not pictured) – To enjoy on your long flight.

I love giving this as a gift, because it takes a little more creativity than just buying something off of the bride’s registry. Plus, I think it means it’s more personal.

The grand total for this gift: ~$18! Now we have more to spend on the wedding gift!

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